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Marvin Christie

Marvin Christie

The Surf City Garage Pro Detailing Center display, produced by Santa Cruz Industries, won the award. The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show is an automotive industry trade show, and Surf City Garage was very pleased to receive the award. Read more...
Santa Cruz Industries, Inc. announces the development of displays for Fiesta Toys to promote their natural fiber plush animal toys.

In keeping with green technology ideals, SCI is designing and manufacturing a bamboo display with all natural fiber accessories. We have developed a great partnership with a manufacturer in Indonesia who provides beautiful bamboo construction, including "chopstick" fasteners, minimizing the use of metal fasteners. All natural cotton fibers are used in a silkscreened banner and a net shelf.
Santa Cruz Industries, Inc. announces the production of displays for Hunter Industries to showcase their irrigation timers, valves, rotors, and sprinklers.

Adaptability is key to satisfying requirements for such a versatile display. It expands from 3 feet to 4 feet in gondola space, and the module can be changed without taking the display apart. Seven C-channels offer space for interchangable graphics. SCI produced beautiful full-color graphics and product information on plastic with text in 5 languages. Working controllers are hooked up to electricity. Steel shelves and corrugated inserts hold product samples and supplies for the consumer. A huge Hunter logo header in white on the bright blue display brings consumers to view these products by this well-known brand.

Retail store personnel are saying, "The new Hunter displays are awesome. The guys love the versatility to customize for their region."
Santa Cruz Industries, Inc. announces the production of displays for Clif Bar for their natural energy snack products.

The objective was to show very strong Clif Bar branding and provide space for open boxes of product, stacks of product boxes, and loose product of different sizes and shapes. A floor display with a small footprint was required, with modular shelves and stability. Part of Clif Bar branding is to honor their long-term vision of sustainability and a healthy environment by not using any plastic in parts or packaging. The sides are fiber board with a bright red silkscreened Clif Bar logo framed by silver steel. Shelves are silver steel wire, and a black shelf label with '' covers the front shelf plates. Baskets are silver steel wire, and a Clif Shot label covers the front plate. A steel c-channel header accommodates a large sign with Clif Bar logo and product pictures. The colorful and easily recognized Clif Bar packaging is completely visible on the wire shelves and in the wire baskets, drawing the consumer to purchase the product.
Santa Cruz Industries, Inc. announces the production of steel countertop displays for NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems for their advanced bicycle lighting systems.

The objective was to showcase working models of a variety of lights and battery packs on a small modular display. It is imperative that the consumer can see the lights turned on in order to appreciate this cutting edge LED lighting technology. C-channels are provided next to each battery pack for information cards with technical write-ups explaining these sophisticated lighting systems. The light is installed on a steel tube so the consumer can see how it would be mounted on a bicycle handle bar. A small size and modular design accommodates the often-cluttered, crowded bicycle store environment. It can be used for a single light and battery pack, or chained together to show more lights side-by-side. It can rest on a counter or hang on a slatwall. The display is prominently branded to ensure use with only NiteRider lights.

Made from sheet metal, wire, and steel tubing that is powder coated for durability.
Wednesday, 15 August 2007 00:00

P-O-P Times & SCI Surf City Garage Displays

The August 2007 issue of the P-O-P Times features the Surf City Garage display produced by Santa Cruz Industries, Inc. in the "Report: Automotive" section.
Santa Cruz Industries' Marvin Christie returns from another visit to their Asian partner factories. He inspected and approved multiple first articles for current display programs. Santa Cruz Industries continues to improve communication and key relationships with their overseas partners in order to maintain their high quality control standards.

Santa Cruz Industries, Inc. announces the production of displays for Surf City Garage for their new line of car care products.

Surf City Garage maintains its own collection of over 100 classic American muscle cars and manufactures its own premium line of car care products for detailing. It is a true garage and restoration shop populated with vintage signs and cars, and the brand reflects that. The goals of the POP display are to authentically represent the look and feel of the brand to the consumer and to present the wide selection of products in a compelling way while keeping costs low. The prominent placement of the colorful Surf City Garage signs, front-facing product packaging, and blue and black colors accomplish precisely that. The aluminum signs were given a backing to make them look thick like the vintage automotive signs from the 50's and 60's that are part of Surf City Garage's actual collection.

Santa Cruz Industries, Inc. announces the production of showroom brochure displays for Kia Motors America, Inc. for an assortment of Kia's aftermarket accessory brochures.

The objective was to increase visibility of an assortment of Kia brochures while complementing existing Kia showroom decor. The steel arch at the top serves as a frame for the injection molded Kia logo, as well as duplicating the arches on existing showroom backdrops. The Kia logo is executed in Kia's bold red and white colors, and has the same 3-D form as the emblems on the cars. A curved steel shape supports the pockets in this permanent counter display. The pockets are made from clear rigid vinyl for durability. The Genuine Accessories decal identifies the purpose of the brochures. Staggered spacing of the brochure pockets allows the consumer greater visibility and access to each brochure.

Made out of sheet metal, wire, and round steel tubing with clear vinyl pockets, injection molded logo, and die cut vinyl Genuine Accessories decal.
Monday, 23 April 2007 00:00

New Counter Top Wine Displays

Santa Cruz Industries, Inc. announces the production of counter top wine displays for Southern Wine and Spirits, Young's Market Company, and Raleys Markets.

Designed to be placed on the meat and seafood counters, these displays feature space for 6 bottles of wine, a recipe card holder, and weekly ad holders. It is formed from clear acrylic sheet so the colorful wine bottles are the focus point, while the recipes inspire the consumer to purchase wine to complement their food.
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